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Order a custom song! I'd love to help you create the perfect, personalized song for a special person or event in your life. Custom songs are unique and curated specifically to the memories and emotions you want to convey. Music speaks best!

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Grand Prize Winner for "BLOOM": Great American Song Contest 2022!

"BLOOM" wins grand prize!

"As recent grand-prize winner in the Great American Song Contest, Angela Soffe reveals herself a force to be reckoned with. She is one of today’s most promising and gifted songwriters and artists. Her songs are elegantly crafted, filled with purpose, and readily appealing to a wide range of audiences."

– Steve Cahill, Founder and President of the Songwriters Resource Network

Listen to the new award-winning record: BLOOM

The New Album: BLOOM

Nashville, TN

Award-winning songwriter Angela Soffe releases new record with all-female team in Nashville, TN.

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