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Purchases through my website are commission-free, meaning there are no fees, all funds will be applied directly to distribution and promotion of the new album. Thank you for supporting the music!

Personal Song
  • Personal Song
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I will write a song just for you. We'll talk over the phone about what you'd like for your song and go over details. I'll write you a song within 4 weeks. I'll send you the lyrics, lead sheet, and a recording of me singing and playing it for you.

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Private House Concert & Dinner
  • Private House Concert & Dinner
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I will perform a private house concert for you and your housemates (socially distanced!) This is different than a house concert for you and your friends. In this setting, it's just you and me, and those you live with. We'll order food, gather, and talk, and I'll play you the new songs from the album.

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Create a Music Video
  • Create a Music Video
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I will create a professional music video of the song of your choice from the new album. Camera crew, producer, engineer, lighting, set will all be included in your purchase and the video will be credited to you. These productions do take time, so we will discuss the details and timeline for your project. You can even be in the video if you'd like!

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