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  • Rocks - OFFICIAL Music Video Download
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Credits and info below: 'Rocks' by Angela Soffe Filmed and Directed by Ben Park Produced by Tess Kearney Production Assistant Alejandra Parra Music Production by Andy Park Filmed February 2018 in Seattle, Washington

Special Appearances by: Spencer Soffe David Owens Rhea Vega Tonja Janette Kelly Ver Duin Steven Palin

Fitness Trainers: Carrie McCoy Gerdt Strom

Emotional Support Crew: Spencer Soffe Erin Fulton Abbey Sowell Hulett Carrie McCoy Crystal Atteberry Yami CL Christina Pace Dees James Pace Tracie Gutmann Amy Bisson Akin Carlie Penrose Soffe Clare James Mindy Scott Alarice Lacanlale and many more...

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