New album coming 2021!

I'm making a new record in March of 2021 and raising funds to make it happen. I'll be heading to Nashville, TN to work with the award-winning Americana producer, Gena Johnson.

I need to raise $25,000 to record and produce this album. I'm an independent artist with no label to pay for my expenses, and I humbly ask for your support of any kind.

Now, more than ever, music is called upon to heal us and bridge the distance between human beings. 

Please donate to this important cause by selecting one (or more) of the options below to purchase. This platform on my site is commission-free, and all funds will be used for the making of this album.

Please join my INDIEGOGO Campaign to contribute to the making of this record.

Also donate via Venmo: @angelasoffe

Thank you for listening, following, and supporting the music. It means the world to me. Please share!

XO always,