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      Hey! I'm Angela!

      Creator of Heroica and award-winning music artist

      I'm SO glad you're here! I created Heroica to help creative women see the success they only dream about. I'm teaching you how to stop the cycle of doubt and inaction, believe like you've never thought possible, and step into who you were MADE to become. I'm so excited, please join me on this amazing journey just for you. I cannot WAIT to see what you achieve! Join the waiting list for the upcoming class in 2022, and get access to my exclusive content I only share with my Heroica Divas. See you inside!



      100 New Beliefs for Creatives

      Master the critical beliefs every creative needs to go from struggling artist to unstoppable diva.

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        Believe you have what it takes. That's true confidence.” - Heroica

        100 New Beliefs for Creatives

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          Heroica : a heroic woman

          Between you and your wildest dreams... is just one thing:


          YOU are meant to be the hero of your own amazing success story. You just need to believe it.

          Heroica Academy is a digital program designed to teach you the steps for rewiring your brain to create a reality designed by you.

          A reality and life that you absolutely love. 

          You'll receive the tools, information, support, and healing transformations that will alter not just the way you think, but your physical reality. 

          Wealth, relationships, career success, amazing health are all waiting for you to invite them in. You are a capable, intelligent woman. 

          And it's ALL so possible. I'll show you how. 

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