CREATIVE COACHING for normal people

Feeling stuck? Thinking you're just not creative enough? Can't seem to get motivated to "get it done"?

I've been there. You're more capable than you think. And I'm here to help!

Creative Coaching

Do you wish you were more creative? Do you ever feel blocked or stuck on a solution, and know there's a better way?

Do you ever look at others and wish you had their creativity?

My friend, you are not alone. Many people feel this way, frustrated that they've "lost" their creative genius. 

Many people want to have a more creative life, but lack the tools, encouragement...and permission. Once you allow yourself to open up to your natural creativity, we naturally start living more freely and begin expressing in creative ways. The struggle stops, and you begin to experience flow and ease in the areas you want to grow.

Join me for 1 on 1 consultations tailored to your unique creative gifts and needs. I'd love to help you move forward with your goals!

Enormous benefits of creative coaching:

  • Infuse every aspect of your life with more creative solutions
  • Start and complete creative projects
  • Gain confidence-building tools for growing your creative pursuits
  • Remove the imaginary "blocks" that prevent you from getting inspired
  • Clear space for new insights to appear
  • Accountability and support to actually achieve your goals

Book a session with me at the link below. I look forward to working with you!

*Angela Soffe is an internationally-recognized award-winning songwriter. 4-time winner of the Great American Song Contest, and Independent Music Awardee, her songs have been heard on HULU, Freeform, Disney+ and a recent record in Nashville, TN. Angela relies heavily on her creative connection to craft songs, write, and create the music and videos she feels inspired to make.