✨ Do you ever feel like your dreams are impossible? 

✨ Do you wish you weren’t so afraid? 

✨ Are you tired of trying so hard with no results? 

✨ Do you feel guilty for wanting more out of life? 

✨Do you ever think “I’m not the kind of person who gets to have things like that?” 

✨Do you ever feel frustrated you haven’t had the kind of success you wanted? 

✨Is there a part of you that thinks you’re not good enough?

Me too.  

I used to think these same thoughts ALL DAY LONG.  I was the world’s best diaper-changing machine with big dreams nobody knew about. I kept them secretly in my heart because I believed… 

I wasn’t good enough. 

If this is you, I SO get you. I really do. That’s why I’m here.  

Years ago I was sitting on a mattress on the bedroom floor, trying to put myself back together after a faith crisis, trying to write songs surrounded by young babies and a broken marriage.  

It wasn’t pretty. 

I remember the moment I decided either I could fake my way through someone else’s planned life for me…or I could create my own. 

I decided to make the most amazing life I could imagine. 

So I went to work dismantling my previous programming, determined to figure out how to create the most incredible, abundant life of my dreams. On my terms. 

I studied positive psychology, neuroplasticity, and learned the skills for rewiring the brain and uprooting limiting beliefs. 

In all of this I had to change the way I saw myself, the world, and what’s possible for every human soul. I developed a process for making things happen in my life that were previously so out of reach. I learned what works and what doesn’t, where to place my energy, and how to make massive changes in my physical reality. I embodied the changes and let them lead the way I live my life.

I’m now an award-winning recording artist, producer, and abundance coach, living with my children and the man of my dreams (same guy!). 

I’ve continued to increase my grasp of abundance, energy, flow, and manifestation. 


And I would love nothing more than to share it with you.

Dear beautiful soul, if you know deep down you were made for more, then this message is for you: 

You are worthy of your wildest dreams.

If you can begin to believe that, then your entire universe is ABOUT TO CHANGE. 

What I teach goes far beyond tactics and “how to’s”. In fact, change doesn't happen with the "how" it happens with the "who". I show you how to craft a new identity that can accomplish anything.

I teach you the energetics behind everything we experience in this life, and how to shape your reality to match your vision. 

You learn how to make changes from the inside out and shift your identity to become an energetic match for the things you want. You will uproot limiting beliefs, triggers, and discard the beliefs that no longer serve you.  

I am here to teach you how to revolutionize your life. 

You were designed to live a remarkable life and experience the impossible. 


When you work with me as a private coaching client, you will: 

✨ Identify thought patterns, behaviors and beliefs that restrict and keep you cycling through the same patterns. Expand your awareness of who you are and what you truly want. 

✨Become willing to release the individuals and ideologies that have taught you to live beneath your potential. Find full acceptance and forgiveness for yourself and others.  

✨Learn and adopt the process for integrating new beliefs, habits, and aligned actions to invite abundance in relationships, wealth, career success, and any opportunities you desire to call into your life. 

✨Learn the skills to expand your understanding of your own energetic output and how to become a magnet to the things you really want. 

✨Invite ease and trust in the process, finding it much easier to create experiences that align with your desires.  

✨Create new rules for reality, life statements, and establish a new emotional/mental baseline from which your higher self can operate. 

✨Personalized advice, coaching, and direct access to training with me on a 1-to-1 call once per week for 4 consecutive weeks. 

✨Introduction to the Heroica community, brand, and support from other women who embody the principles and energy I teach.


NEW REALITY MEDITATION: Individualized, professional and personally-crafted recording with music composed and produced by me, featuring your own rules for reality statements. 

Weekly homework, journal prompts, meditations, access to any and all new private videos

HEROICA Community Facebook Group: a warm and inclusive space for additional support and love from other Heroicas! 

My time and energy is a limited resource, so I only work with women who are serious and committed to the inner work. If you're on the fence, you're welcome to soak up my content online and social media and come back to when you're ready. 

For those of you pumped to experience massive shifts in your inner and outer world, AND ready to see yourself the way I already see you, 

I'd LOVE to have you! 

You were meant for the things you dream about.

I love you. You've got this.




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It's my gift to you. You are capable and worthy of it all.