Bring the Music to your Home

Back in the day, (before tech) people gathered around a fire or a kitchen table to bask in the sounds of live music. House concerts are a return to simpler times, an intimate way to connect with artists, and loads of fun!

(PS- Winter is the PERFECT time to host house parties because we're all getting cabin fever anyway...)

You don't need to have a big living room or fancy house to host a house concert. In fact, the more intimate the better.

Have a bit of floor space? A garage? A basement? We can create an unforgettable evening for you and 20 - 200+ friends and family.

Hosting a Show is Easy:

It doesn't have to be fancy unless you want it to be - think of it as inviting 20 or more friends over for dinner. As a performer, house shows are incredibly rewarding because we talk, laugh, sing, and mingle over a common bond, which is music. It's a magical, unforgettable way to spend an evening with the band and your friends.

House concerts are donation-based, and as the host, you can ask your guests to make a donation to support the music. There is a $200 booking fee to reserve the band for the evening of your choice. We will come to your location, set up our sound system, perform, and mingle with your guests. 


Here's your 5-Step Guide to pulling off an awesome house concert:

1. Pick a Place

We will perform anywhere there's shelter from the elements, electricity, and enough space to fit 20 or more people. This could be your living room or your boat - it really doesn't matter. We ask that you provide either floor space or chairs for guests to gather around. It's your space, so you can provide food and drinks, or not. It's up to you what sort of atmosphere you want to create.

2. Save the Date and Book the Band

Don't wait till the last minute! Select a date and time that will make it easy for people to attend and with enough advance notice that people can plan for it. At this stage you will also make the $200 booking fee payment to schedule the band.

3. Invite your People

Invite your friends! Send a text, email, or physical invitation (if you're feeling fancy!). Let them know in your invitation that this will be a donation-based concert. This means they'll be asked to donate whatever they want for the show on the night of the concert. You may want to provide food and/or drinks, or make it a pot-luck and ask people to bring a side dish. Please do not put a suggested donation amount in your invitation. Musicians fare better when guests are moved by their own experience at the show to donate. 

Above all, we don't want anyone to feel pressured to donate if they're not in a position to do so. Please let your guests know that donations are appreciated but definitely not mandatory! We do make our living from sharing our music, but connection with our audience is the most important piece of what we do. At times, hosts prefer to impose a cover charge at the door. This is also ok, and we can discuss the fee structure with you.

*We love kids and children are more than welcome to attend too! We just ask that if kids get noisy or babies cry, you take them out so people can hear the music. 

4. The Performance

Here's an overview. The evening starts with guests arriving and we all mingle and enjoy food and drinks for the first hour. Then we all gather in the performance space and the band plays for 1 to 1.5 hours. After we play, the host (you) thanks the guests for attending and asks for donations for the music they just heard. Then we all hang out some more! 

5. Additional Notes

* The band will arrive an hour early to set up the sound system and make sure everything is ready to go.

* The success of the concert is largely linked to the enthusiasm of the host. The more jazzed you are, the more excited your guests will be to attend and donate. Go ahead and get excited!

* We'll go over all the details with you beforehand so don't worry if you have more questions!

House concerts are a beautiful, historic, unforgettable way to feel human together. Thank you for considering us as musicians for your house party!

With love,

— Angela & Band