Why I'm an Artist 

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for the constant flow of love and support I've had for my new record. Your generous donations have encouraged me more than you know. Only 20 more days until the campaign ends! 

New Songs for your Summer

Dear friends and fans! 

Thank you so much for your continued support of my music, band members, shows, and projects. 

Music is art that keeps us connected and reminds us of our shared troubles and joys. Thank you…


What I'm Most Afraid of in 2017

You know, I've been thinking. A new year brings all sorts of talk about goals, resolutions, inevitably followed by a sad statistic that shows most goals are dropped by March. Why do we say this over and over again? Is…


Ode to Jon Scott 

Early this morning, my friend Jon Scott passed away after battling cancer for 3+ years. His darling wife, Mindy, texted me saying she was laying by his side when he left us. They have three kids, all the same ages…