This is weird to say...but can I come to your house?

Dearly beloved! 


Last night the band performed at a club in downtown Seattle (how amazing is my band, I love making music with them!) #conorbyrnepubrocks 

But I drove back home, and 3 hours later was finally climbing into bed at 2am after eating handfuls of white cheddar popcorn, fake chocolate trail mix, AND Altoids to stay awake on the drive. 

Gross. Honest truth. 

Then only to peel my eyelids open at 6am to take kids to school, feed the dog, find my daughter's missing sock, etc. 

Here's the evidence of my cheddar rampage last night: 

So today...I'm a mom-zombie and not very nice. (It's true, just ask my husband. Actually, don't ask him, he'll say too much.) 

Which is why I'm sending you this honest announcement today, when I'm groggy, vulnerable and ready to ask for help. 

The rock-n-roll lifestyle of late-night gigging isn't exactly my jam, but you know what is? 

Spending time with amazing people like you. 

YOU are the reason I perform, talk about what matters, and share my music at all. 

So instead of focusing on playing at clubs, I'm going to be running a HOUSE CONCERT SERIES. 

I'd love to have your help putting this together! 

I want to come visit you and bring my music to your living room, basement, broken boat, garage, whatever space you have. It doesn't have to be fancy. (It just has to fit at least 20 people snugly) 

I'll bring my sound system, you invite your friends, and we make an evening of it. 

Truthfully, it's probably one of the best ways to spend a cold winter evening (those are coming!) sipping something warm, surrounded by friends and live music. 

Basically, your ears and heart will feel like this: 

Here's how it works: 

I'll show up at your space, get set up, and hang out with you while guests arrive. Perform for an hour, and then mingle some more after the show. You can provide food and drinks if you want or make it potluck - but not necessary. 

We'll have a cozy evening of music, talking about real life, and everyone goes home connected, happy, and in bed by 9:30pm. (No 2am bedtimes!) 

And, there's no cost to you to host a concert! 

These are donation-based concerts so your friends can come and enjoy, and donate what they'd like. 

If you live far from Washington (my state), that's ok too! I'd like to arrange it so that if enough people want a show, I can make it worth the travel to your area. In another country? Let's chat! I love to travel. =) 

If you want to host a concert in your space and invite your friends for a special evening with me, I'd love to get it on the calendar, even if it's a ways out. 

I really can't think of a better way to spend time than with you. 

Please just reply to this email and we can get planning. 

Best of all, I'd love to meet YOU and get to know you. This community of supporters means the world to me, and it would be an honor to hang out with you. 

I'll be promoting this series on social media as well so be sure to follow me over there too on Instagram and Facebook

Sending love! 


PS - I have an inspiring new electro-pop song coming out soon with my music producer and friend, Milocraft. You'll be the first to hear it! =) 

PPS - Thank you for reading, you're amazing. 

(Me leaving your house after an awesome show ;)

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