Studio Secrets

I just emerged from a week of intense recording in the studio along with my fellow humanoid musicians. I'm pretty sure I've mutated in some fashion, but the result is 10 new songs I can't wait to share with you. We were shooting for recording 5 songs, but cranked out 10! (Thanks to my incredible producer and musicians). 

I learned some interesting things about recording studios in Seattle: they're all a big secret. 

None of them are advertised and the buildings are unmarked with no windows so people can't find them. This keeps crowds of fans and curious onlookers from interrupting the creative process. (Yeah, it's a rough life fighting off the crowds... ;) 

This studio in particular is home recording sessions of some of the most notable bands of the 90s including Nirvana, Sound Garden, The Postal Service, and more recently Death Cab for Cutie to name a few. It's been surreal to record in the same space as Kurt Cobain and some of the greats from my childhood. 

Some clips from the session!


This week is phase one in the process. In the next couple of weeks we'll add the final vocals and finishing touches before the album goes to mastering (where sound levels are balanced for your speakers). 

Some action shot photos for you are below! It's been magical to hear my songs coming together, I'm really happy with the product so far. Many thanks to my producer, musicians, husband, babysitters, kids, contributors, and friends who have pitched in to make this come together. Hugs all around! 

More updates to come... 



More pics below!

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