Oh WOW...We DID it!

Dearest friends and supporters (who I don't know but love you already), 


Waaaaah! We did it! The campaign just ended and to my shock we've even EXCEEDED the goal. I'm overwhelmed, floored, and amazed by the support. We've had backers who supported from all around the world including new friends, old friends, family, and strangers. I respect and appreciate the pledges of all types, thank you for giving of yourself, I'm humbled. I don't know what else to say; thank you from the very deepest places of my heart! 

Your donations are sacred to me and I will treat them as such. Funds will only be used for the costs relating to this album. As an independent musician, it's incredibly difficult to produce an excellent product without the funds to do so. Thank you for supporting art - it keeps us human and connected to one another. 

I'll update you periodically as I move forward with the project and let you know when you can expect your own copy or download, or whatever reward you selected. I'll be heading to the studio in October and so very excited to begin my work. (Pinch me!) The timeline for the album release will likely be in the Spring of 2018, following the release of a few singles. As my early backers, you have priority status and will always be the first to receive the new music. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. My hat is off to you my friends. I have gratitude for you engraved forever in my heart. 



PS - I'll be honest, this has been just a tad stressful and I'm relieved it's finally ending so I can focus on music (and my family) again.  A few months ago I was feeling some self doubt about this fundraiser and wanting to back out. I saw this print on a store window (below) that seemed to grab me. It got me thinking, "What are we all so afraid of?" If there's something you want to do, go do it. Don't be scared of failing and looking foolish, or whatever might hold you back. I decided that even if this fundraiser failed, I'd find another way to do what I'm passionate about. The world needs what you have to offer too - go do it. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some music to make. =)

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