It Has Begun

Dear friends,

I'm writing to you from the taupe-colored couch at Hall of Justice Studio in Seattle, Washington. It's been two weeks since the campaign ended and I'm thrilled to let you know recording has commenced! 

I'm in the studio all week with my producer, Andy Park, and a fantastic team of musicians. We just laid our first track of drums and guitar, the sun is shining outside, and I'm so happy to finally be here. A week-long session in a recording studio is blissful, magical, exhaustion crammed into 800 square feet of space. We work 10am-10pm in a windowless building and stop only to sleep and eat (sometimes!). 

Here's a studio selfie for you. As promised, I'll keep you updated on our progress and send a video clip or two. =) Thank you once again for your support - this wouldn't be possible without you!

With much love and gratitude as always,



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