Announcing: "Second Wind" Release Party Celebration!


I'm so very proud to say I accomplished my one main goal for 2017: 

"Be Brave." 

Includes, but not limited to: 

 - do 3 pull-ups 

- color my hair for the first time since high school 

- film music and public speaking videos 

- ask people to support my music projects 

- tell my story 

Being brave sometimes means letting yourself be seen, which as an introverted artist, is extremely difficult. I don't like posting on social media or opening up my music or life for possible scrutiny. Every time I do, it's an act of bravery. 

I'm curious, what are you doing to be brave in 2018? 

Meanwhile, we're ramping up for the Second Wind album release in April which is now on pre-sale and the new single comes out in February. 

Here's what's happening: 

— Get the album on pre-sale from my website here! We're running a special offer between now and January 31: you set the price. This means YOU decide how much to it's worth to you and when the album is released you'll be sent the complete download of the album. (Photo credit to Sofia Jaramillo) 

— The first Official Music Video will be filmed and produced this month in Seattle, WA. Should be freezing and lots of fun to film! Watch for photos on social media. 

— Logo and merchandise are being developed so you can wear your favorite band t-shirts and gear. Available online in March 2018. 

— Our Pacific Northwest Tour will begin at the end of April through May.  Our Idaho and Utah Tour will be in June and July. If you're in any of these locations and want to book a private house party with the band for your friends and family  (which are amazing btw) let me know and we can get you on the schedule. 


And finally ANNOUNCING! Drum roll please.... 




Saturday, April 21, 2018 

7:00pm -  10:00pm 

The Seasons Performance Hall 

Yakima, Washington 

Mark your calendars! This will be an all-ages event celebrating not only the album release but Yakima's artistic flare. (There will be an art show, food, drinks, merchandise, shopping, and all kinds of fantastic stuff) It's an event you'll want to plan for! Ticket sales will be announced when available. 

PS - I'm calling all hands on deck for this event so if you'd like to be involved (and VIP status for life!) let me know. 

As always, your support means the world to me. Thank you for reading, listening, and being a fan. I've included a free download of a song from my last album "Slow Boat", about going through life with someone meaningful. Hope you like it. 

May your 2018 be filled with joy as you move forward with bravery. 

With love, 


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