1. What is the breakdown of costs for the album?

So glad you asked! All funds raised will be used for the making of this album (recording, production, musicians, promotion, etc). I've discussed these costs at length with my producer and these are the minimums for making a 12-song, full length album in Nashville, TN with the best musicians for this record.

My goal is to raise $25,000. The album and the associated promotion costs MUCH more than that.  With $25,000 I hope to make at least 9 songs, if not an entire record. Of course, I'd love to make a full-length record so I'm aiming high. Thankfully, there are no commissions taken on this platform, so every dollar donated will be put to good use. 

 Financial breakdown:

Studio musicians (core plus utility musicians) x 7 days: $8800

Studio space, producer, and engineer x 7 days: $24,000

Mastering:  $2400

Food/Lodging x 7 days:  $1950

Promotion, videos, publicity: $10,000+

Total: 47,150

2. That seems like a lot for an album. What if you don't raise enough?

Recording in Nashville with industry-leading musicians isn't cheap. There's a cost to hiring the best musicians and producers in the world. However, I have a unique opportunity to work with class-A musicians and I'm honored to have it. While I'm in Nashville I'll be working with musicians, meeting other songwriters, and connecting with the music community. 

If I don't raise enough for a full album, I'll record the top 3-5 songs and release an EP.

3. What is the album about? Why should I donate?

My previous album, "Second Wind" was an expression of mourning the loss of a belief system. My internal world shattered, and I wrote songs I never meant for the world to hear. That's who I was in 2017. 

Since then, I've done quite a bit of soul and heart mending. I have a reservoir of strength and lessons learned to share, as well as some global perspective. This new record is who I am today. It's my new relationship with life and the world we're all in. Some of the songs celebrate, some look back, some cry, some laugh, and some look ahead. They're all the human condition in poetry and melody and all written for you and me, and for my children. Now more than ever, music is called on to heal us and bridge some enormous gaps. Music is a language we all speak, and it connects us - from one heart to the next.

4. I can't donate. What else can I do to support?

If you can't make a monetary donation, thank you for even wanting to! There are other, enormously helpful, FREE ways to support:

1. Share my crowdfunding page on your social media platforms (I need to reach more people)

2. Host a FREE house concert (socially distanced)

3.Subscribe to my newsletter

4. Subscribe to my YouTube, Bandsintown, Facebook, Instagram pages.

5. Send me a note of encouragement! I love getting fan mail. ;)